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We provide a nutritious lunch prepared in our grade A kitchen and served with grade A milk. Our menus are planned with "child appeal" in mind. We provide a variety of foods; serving at least one protein, vegetable, and fruit at each meal. Menus are planned on a rotating basis, with over 25 different menu options, providing plenty of variety each month. Menus are posted in buliding one.

Lunch is served at 11:15 in building one & 11:45 in building two. You may provide your child with a lunch and drink from home, although refrigeration space is limited.

If your child is on a special diet (vegetarian, kosher, lactose intolerant, food allergies, etc.), we ask that you check the menu daily. Special diets must be supplemented by parents and constitute a well-balanced meal. In order to provide a well balanced meal, we ask that the parent substitute any food items that you request we not serve your child.

We believe that instilling a healthy attitude towards food & meals is imperative for healthy living. We serve child sized portions and allow children to have multiple servings of food of their choice. We teach appropriate portions and encourage each child to taste new foods.